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Dental Implants – Minot, ND

Bring Back Your Smile to the Fullest

If you have not heard of dental implants before, you just might be surprised by how effective they are at replacing teeth in almost every single way. No longer are you forced to struggle with an ill-fitting denture or consistently replace complex restorations. Dental implants provide the longevity, esthetics, and functionality you expect from a beautiful tooth. By partnering with the best that Minot has to offer, you can expect a replacement tooth that withstands the test of time, and your future meals! Call our office today to schedule a consultation!

Why Choose Souris Valley Dental Group for Dental Implants?

  • Natural-Looking Implant-
    Retained Restorations
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    Experts in the Area

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are meant to be both replacement teeth and replacement roots. This is because when teeth are extracted, the root portion of the tooth comes out with it as well, leaving the open gap in your smile vulnerable to shifting teeth. Your foundational bone tissue can also begin to break down because it lacks the stimulation the tooth provides. Dental implants work to address both of these issues simultaneously.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many ways that dental implants can benefit you in the short-term and long-term. For one, they make it easy to keep eating your favorite foods, including ones that are tough, chewy, crunchy or hard in nature. Thanks to the integration that occurs with your bone and soft tissue, your jaw and facial tissue can get the stimulation it needs to remain strong and elastic, respectively. You can also expect your implants to last for several decades with ease and look like a natural part of your smile.

Indications of Dental Implants

Even if you have many missing teeth to replace, dental implants can get the job done. They are so versatile that they can replace single teeth or all the teeth in your arch, replacing the need for a traditional denture.

Missing One Tooth

Replacing single teeth requires just a single titanium post placed directly into the jawbone. From there, the soft tissue and surrounding bone can integrate, creating a solid foundation for a restoration to be placed on top. Every restoration used to cover your implants is made from natural-looking porcelain.

Missing Multiple Teeth

To replace multiple missing teeth, a pair of dental implants can be placed to hold a dedicated custom-made bridge. This bridge does not need to rely on nearby teeth to stay in place, which means that you can maintain as much of your natural enamel as possible.

Missing All of Your Teeth

When you have been relying on a denture for a long time, you may find it hard to believe that we can replace it with one that attaches to dental implants. However, that’s exactly what we do! By placing four to six implants throughout the mouth, we can effectively restore your top arch, bottom arch, or both if needed.

Partners with the Best

To complete the surgical portion of your dental implant procedure, we partner with some of Minot’s finest implant specialists and oral surgeons. This collaborative effort ensures the most successful outcome and the best personalized care possible. When you first arrive, we can capture both digital X-rays and cone beam scans to confirm your eligibility. From there, our specialists can perform surgery that is predictable and comfortable in nature. Once the implants have fully healed, you’ll come back to our office to have your customized restorations placed.

Cost of Treating Dental Implants

When creating your dental implant treatment plan, it’s important to note that your costs will likely vary compared to other patients. Implants are highly customizable, which means the number of teeth you need to replace, the restorations used, and the preparatory services (i.e. bone grafts, gum therapy, etc.) you need to complete treatment can all influence costs. With that said, dental implants are designed to last for decades at a time, look incredibly natural, and feel comfortable when chewing food. This makes their high upfront investment more cost-effective than other methods.

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